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Eurich Management Services, LLC (EMS) was formed in 1996 as a multi-client lobbying and association management company. EMS also provides convention management services and consulting to non-profits nationally and in Michigan.

Donn Eurich has provided consulting services to over 75 associations, over the past 15 years, coordinating projects such as strategic planning facilitation, membership surveys, focus group research and executive recruitment.

With regard to EMS technology capabilities, we are fully equipped with modern personal computers, as well as all standard office equipment including voice mail, fax machine, copy machine, postage machine and office supplies related to normal functions of an office. We utilize FileMaker Pro and other software to manage databases for all of our clients. We are on-line to the Internet, and have helped develop websites for several of our clients. We are qualified and experienced at handling any technological projects which you may require. We have Quickbooks business software to maintain an accurate and easily managed accounting system and have worked with a variety of membership software and invoicing data bases.

EMS specializes in developing new services and income sources for our clients. We produce high quality newsletters which often become profit centers when expanded to permit industry advertisers. We manage trade shows around the country and are experienced at soliciting exhibitors, generating financial sponsorships and creating a high impact promotional package. We can assist your organization to develop profitable affinity programs which generate important non-dues income and create more value for your members.

EMS has the qualifications and experience to handle all components of your organization's operations. We are professionals in all facets of association management and can "hit the ground running" with regard to providing immediate service to your membership.

  • Office location and communication - our client associations operate out of our Lansing office. Each association has its own telephone number, and the telephone is answered 9 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday. We have ample space to store letterhead, envelopes and any other materials related to your organization.

  • Financial - several staff members are proficient in accounting which permits us to offer monthly bookkeeping services to all our clients. We utilize the QuickBooks business software program which permits your Board to receive financial statements at any time and for any time period desired. We request that you contract to have your year-end taxes and financial statements prepared by a CPA firm to provide an independent opinion and verification of our monthly work.

  • Membership - we utilize software which permits us to selectively market to our client's members based on a variety of characteristics. We are highly experienced at writing sales letters, brochures and explaining the value of association membership. This function requires significant volunteer participation and we stand ready to work closely with your membership committee to assist you in maintaining and increasing your membership base.

  • Publications - EMS has been responsible for producing publications as simple as a one page bulletin to a two hundred page membership directory. We utilize Quark Xpress, InDesign, and Pagemaker software in-house, with the capability to handle both Mac and PC files. We stand ready to assist your organization and your communication committee to maintain regular contact with your leadership, while promoting a positive, professional image to your members.

  • Meetings/Conventions - EMS is experienced at hosting single day sessions for as few as 12 participants or annual conventions for 1000 registrants including managing an exhibit hall. We have expertise in all aspects of meeting management including promotional development, hotel negotiations, speaker solicitation, exhibitor solicitation, program development and all on-site management functions.
  • Education and Training - We are accustomed to developing and implementing curriculums upon which our members depend for continuing education credits. We can develop and maintain records for certification programs, continuing education and any other training needed to maintain professional credentials.
  • Government Relations - EMS can track legislation, report on the progress of key bills, help formulate position statements on industry issues and provide professional political counsel to your Board and legislative committee. We can write legislative bulletins for your membership and host industry receptions to give the association and your industry greater visibility. We are experienced at PAC administration and fund-raising. Government relations representation and PAC management is provided under a separate agreement from our association management services.
  • Public Relations - We have experience managing programs to help influence public opinion on issues or to influence public or legislative perception of the importance of your industry or profession. While the development of such a campaign is not included in our annual fee, we are qualified and comfortable assisting you in this arena if the need arises.

    EMS carries full insurance coverage for liability, errors and omissions and workers compensation. We would be happy to add your association as an additional insured to our policy if you desire. We would request your association reimburse EMS for any additional premium related to this coverage.

    EMS can provide expertise in policy making, strategy and insight on management techniques, member services and problem solving methods which have historically proven successful. EMS stands ready to provide your organization a solid foundation from which to operate, and offers professional, sophisticated assistance to move your organization ahead in the future.

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