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Is your non-profit organization about to hire a new Executive Director? Let the Eurich Management Services Executive Search Service help facilitate the selection process to ensure you hire the right candidate!

Serving on the Board of a non-profit is both an honor and a challenge. Volunteers face no greater responsibility than being asked to interview and hire a new Executive Director for their organization.

What credentials are needed? How much should we pay? How do we determine which candidate offers the greatest probability for success? We can help you answer these questions and more with our Executive Search Service. With Eurich Management, you are assured of detailed background checks, insightful candidate interviews and advice on compensation, which fits your organization's budget.

Eurich Management can help determine your primary goals and objectives for your new executive, ask the tough questions which separate the pretenders from the contenders and give the Board a standardized interview process which allows the best qualified candidate to emerge.

Hiring the right executive reflects directly on the leadership skills of the Board and impacts the future of your organization. You will make no smarter investment than to retain Eurich Management to facilitate this process.

Contact us today to begin the process of finding the perfect match for your non-profit's future!

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