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Most industries that have a substantial executive and legislative presence operate and maintain a political action committee (PAC). EMS is available to advise your organization on how to create, operate and maintain a PAC. This includes assistance with fund raising, and compliance with all campaign finance laws and filings.

You will likely hear objections from a segment of your membership that they "don't believe in PAC's." Like it or not, PAC's are the system by which individuals who share a like cause or position on issues can band together and use their combined giving power to help elect candidates who agree with their position on key issues. There is nothing illegal or unethical about supporting those candidates who share your philosophy.

EMS can assist to develop a strategy to solicit contributions from your members. We would advise your Board or PAC Committee on those candidates which have earned the support of your organization. EMS would maintain and reconcile all financial records and prepare state reports.

PAC's wield tremendous influence and can assist your organization to achieve its legislative goals. Does your organization have a PAC? The odds are your adversaries do.


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