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Issue Management/Strategy Development

A sound issue management strategy is one that's pro-active and anticipates the myriad of events, activities and obstacles that may influence the outcome of an issue.

Strategy development begins with an analysis of your organization's role and relationship with government as well as an assessment of the best possible methods of achieving your goals.

Time frames are established and tasks may be assigned to Board members, industry leaders or interested parities. EMS will coordinate each component of your plan to monitor progress, make adjustments where necessary and do whatever is needed to achieve success.

Coalition Development

The growth of special interest group representation has increased the need to coordinate efforts to change public policy. Coalition development and management have become a necessary component of the legislative strategy process.

Smaller organizations or those which do not lobby regularly can benefit greatly from participating in coalitions. The combined strength of several organizations who all advocate the same position on an issue forms a very effective lobbying strategy. You can greatly expand your sphere of influence by effectively participating in coalitions. EMS will work hard to find organizations which are similarly affected by your issues and work with their leadership to provide a united front at the Capitol.


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