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The Lobbyist's Role

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 The Lobbyist's Role

An effective lobbyist provides an essential link between lawmakers and your industry or profession. Whether your agenda is primarily pro-active or reactive, retaining a professional liaison to interact with government on behalf of your organization provides a communication and strategic medium, which will invariably produce more success than depending exclusively on volunteers.

Critical industry issues deserve professional representation, which may be difficult for your association members to provide when many may not understand politics or the legislative process. When considering that each member must also manage their own business or career, their ability to provide effective leadership in the legislative arena becomes difficult.

Successful advocacy requires an analysis of your association's goals and the public policy issues related to those goals. We help you to evaluate potential allies and opponents, form coalitions with other parties who share your position on an issue, and evaluate the political environment to determine our best strategy for success. All this is provided while monitoring public, press and legislative opinion to ensure the outcome does not inadvertently reflect poorly on your organization. The analysis focuses on a risk versus benefit of your objectives as they relate to public policy development.

Today's legislative and public policy environment requires a comprehensive and interactive political, educational and public relations strategy. Each component plays a role in the ultimate success (or perception) or your organization and it's issues. EMS is responsive to the ever-changing relationship between government and the private sector. Let EMS help your organization develop a winning strategy to protect your organization and motivate your membership!


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