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Eurich Management Services has provided a variety of consulting and management services to over 75 non-profits in Michigan and the Midwest. We are comfortable working with Management and Board members to isolate organizational problems, determine practical solutions and develop strategies to better serve your membership. Our strong background in accounting and finance permits us to provide comprehensive financial and operational analyses. We regularly provide confidential management strategies to association executives who are new to the field or are requesting additional information to address specific issues or merely increase their knowledge of financial matters. For additional information or a quote on any of the services listed below, please e-mail or phone the EMS office.

Focus Group Research & Opinion Studies
Focus group sessions are an excellent vehicle to obtain immediate feedback on the development of new association services, determine member opinions on the association's image or seek member insight as to their priorities for an upcoming planing session. They can be conducted quickly and inexpensively, with groups from as few as six to as many as twenty four participants. EMS works closely with your management team before the sessions to pinpoint the information we hope to glean from the participants. We develop a series of questions to be discussed in the session, and provide a detailed written report of our findings. Focus groups are an excellent tool to use when time is short, and immediate feedback is needed to justify a new project or service.

Convention/Show Planning and Management
Over the past twelve months, EMS has planned and managed trade shows in Louisville , Kentucky, Detroit, Michigan, Traverse City, Michigan and Austin, Texas (twice). Our shows feature anywhere from 10-25 speakers and educational sessions, 100-500 exhibit booths, and attendance of between 300-2,000 registrants. We are experienced at soliciting sponsorships, on-site management, registration desk management, meal function coordination, arranging entertainment, promotion and local logistics regarding parking, travel and city ordinances. Our shows generate significant income for their associations, and have sustained growth, even through a questionable economy.

Fund-Raising Campaigns
EMS has considerable experience managing Political Action Committee (PAC) fund-raising campaigns, and can assist your organization to become more of a "player" in state and federal government. Individuals need a reason to support your fund-raising efforts, regardless of the cause, and EMS can provide the communication and expertise needed to maximize participation. Through a strategy of communication, education, recognition and reporting, EMS will energize your fund-raising activities and bring you results which meet your organizational goals.

Financial Performance Analysis
Most of your Board members will not have any idea as to the financial profile of your association. Many association executives wrestle with their lack of financial knowledge and struggle to explain financial trends to the Board or research how your association compares with others of similar size. By conducting a Financial Performance Analysis, you can spot positive and negative trends, teach your Board how your income and expense structure measures up against similar associations, and determine strategies for increasing growth and net income. This service can be structured as a informational session to educate your Board, or as a confidential review and training session for the Executive Director.

Association Operational Audit
Do you have too many employees? Too Few? What do your employees think about the association as a place to work? About the Executive Director? What is your member’s image of the association? How much does it cost you to serve each member? An Association Operational Audit gives the Executive Director and Board a chance to look behind the scenes at operations, image and efficiency. Determine how technology can play a larger role in serving your members. This study is an excellent tool for associations which have recently absorbed other groups, are expanding rapidly, or are being forced to cut back on services and personnel due to financial restrictions.

Temporary Management Services
It is not uncommon for an executive search to take 6-8 months. During this time period when your association is in limbo, members can lose confidence if no leadership is being provided. Staff morale can suffer and turnover can increase as your staff feels unsure about their future. EMS can provide temporary management services to ensure conferences are planned, newsletters are published, Board meetings are held, management issues are addressed, and finances remain stable. With EMS maintaining member contact and prior services levels, your Board will feel less pressured to act prematurely with regard to hiring new management. This service, combined with our Executive Search Service, offers you an outstanding opportunity to find the perfect person for the job!

Executive Search Services
EMS brings over twenty five years experience in association administration to this task. We have successfully recruited executives for numerous non-profits and our services include writing your classified ad, reviewing and screening applicants, providing background checks, facilitating the interview process and offering guidance on an appropriate compensation package. An outstanding resource for Boards that are inexperienced at recruiting executives or unable to devote the necessary time to the hiring process.


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