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Have you ever wished you could privately discuss a sensitive board or management issue with someone from outside your organization? Well the Confidential Management Tips for Association Executives (CoMTAE) Newsletter provides you with exactly that forum! Every other month, Eurich Management Services provides this newsletter in an e-mail format to association managers throughout Michigan and the Midwest. We are pleased to include our most recent issue on our website for interested readers.

This newsletter should not be interpreted as legal advice, as the strategies discussed in the newsletter are the opinions of Eurich Management Services. Legal counsel should always be consulted before initiating any activity which potentially creates liability for you or your association.

CoMTAE Issue 1 -- Warning! You're About to Be Fired!

CoMTAE Issue 2 - How To Get Paid What You're Worth

CoMTAE Issue 3 - Don't Manage Your Association -- Lead It!

CoMTAE Issue 4 - Are You "Burned Out" at Work?

CoMTAE Issue 5 - Dealing with Jerks on the Job!

COMTAE Issue 6 - Preempt Problems...Pave the Potholes!

*NEW* The "Sale Probability" Test

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You are welcome to reproduce this information, or share it with other parties. If reprinted, please give editorial credit to Eurich Management Services. Please advise us of any other individuals whom you feel would like to receive the CoMTAE newsletter.


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